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ONLY $7 Dollars per month for 6 months

We wanted to make an affordable version of our Weight Loss Program that anyone can do. So we decided to keep the cost of enrolling in this program just $7/- per month for 6 months. Plus you can cancel anytime. 

BASED on REAL Science

This program is designed by American Board Certified Physicians. The stuff that you will do is backed by science. Running after gimmicks will only waste your time. So learn from the Doctors who have dedicated their lives to help people lose weight. 

STEP by STEP Instructions

We won't give you vague general suggestions. You will receive step by step instructions of what to do. All you have to do is follow the instructions. And as you complete more and more TASKs we give you - your magical transformation will begin. Without even exercising!

Choose the BEST in BUSINESS

  • Amazing weight loss results from simple steps
  • Crash Course in weight loss for aspiring Models
  • Get the body you want - step by step and yet fast enough!


  • Step by Step TASKs delivered weekly to your email. 
  • Just complete those TASKs and add them to your LIFE. 
  • See your magical transformation begin.
  • For all age groups and food cuisines

What are you waiting for?

This is your chance to get the body you want. Slim waist, better health and boost confidence.

Look Slim and Awesome.

Both on and off camera.

Things YOU will learn in Runway 7 Diet

Don't get overwhelmed by having to change your diet and life around for losing weight. Runway 7 Diet helps you do it ONE step by ONE step. And you get to PRACTICE it by completing the TASKs.

  • How to eat the same food your are eating now in a way that it increases your METABOLISM and FAT BURNING.
  • How to read the nutrition label to choose the RIGHT SNACK for you
  • How to eat your desserts without the weight gain. And you get to practice eating by completing your TASKs.
  • How you can control insulin spikes that convert carbs into fat.
  • One Step by One Step approach helps you incorporate these and many more ideas into your life without feeling overwhelmed. 
  • and yes you can do it! So JOIN TODAY and get going...

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