SlimPlate System High Pay Affiliate Program. 

How to make money helping other people lose weight? 

We pay out 20% referral fees for our affiliates. Join the program now and help your friends, colleagues, customers, clients and fans lose weight the right way and earn on an average $30 or more per referral that converts to a paying member.

Who can join as an affiliate? 

Anyone can join as an affiliate as long as you play by the rules and are honestly representing the SlimPlate System to potential users. We want to give everyone a fair chance at making some extra cash by helping others out, but we do reserve the right to decline or discontinue any affiliate member without assigning any reason. 

When will I get paid? 

Once your balance goes above $100 we will mail you a check in the next 30 days. Please note you have to be US Citizen or US Permanent Resident to receive such payments. Please note referral fees is paid only after payment is received from the referred member. 

How do I refer potential clients? 

Once you join the SlimPlate System affiliate program, you will receive a unique URL to our storefront. You can email or send this URL to any potential customer. If they enroll as a paid member, you will recieve referral fees.

Please make sure they use the unique URL provided or the referral will not be attributed to you.

Contact us:  [email protected]