What should my ideal weight be?

How can we calculate our ideal body weight? Below are some of the come calculation methods.Common Estimates
Women: It should be 100 lbs up to five feet and add 5 lb for additional inch above 5 feet. If you are 5 feet and 5 inches you should weight 125 pounds ideally. Men: it should be 106 lb up to five feet and 6 lbs for additional inch above five feet.
If you are 5 feet 11 inches, you should weight 172 lb ideally.BMI
Body mass index is a measure of height and weight. It has been used for a long time by doctors to check if someone is obese (greater than BMI 30), overweight (greater than BMI 25) or normal (Less than BMI 25). You can find the BMI calculator here.BODY FAT FORMULA
This is a way to tell how much body fat do you have. If it is too complicated to calculate the fat mass, you can simply use the fat mass analyzer to measure it. Body Fat CalculatorWaist Line GUIDELINES
Another way to check the body fat excess is measuring your waist line.WHO guidelines  for waist line

                                    Men                                  Women

Low risk                    < 36.5 inches                          <31 inches

Increased risk              36.6 – 39.75 inches                    31.5 – 34.25 inches

Substantial risk            Equal to or over 40 inches           Equal to or over 35 inches

The first step in losing weight is finding out what category you are in (obese, overweight or normal).