What is your ideal weight loss program?

I asked all my patients what their ideal weight loss program would look like. Below are the basic points that my patients gave me.It should be planned around me.
It should be easy to follow.
It should not need me change my life style dramatically.
It should require very little or no time from me.
I like food, and my cooking and I do not want to change my diet.
I’m on a tight budget so cannot spend a lot of money on costly diet foods.
I am very busy I cannot spend countless hours at the gym.
I lose focus and then I lose interest in losing weight.
I always think what is going to be easiest way to lose weight and satisfy all my patients need. On the other hand, I read so much research what is going with this obesity problem, getting stronger and stronger in the world. I decided to create this blog, so I can share what is going on in the obesity research, what works, what does not work, and how we practically apply this knowledge. The obesity problem is staying stronger each day  1. Because we lack the proper core knowledge about losing weight (despite the tremendous amount of obesity related information everywhere) 2. The information readily available is not practical and too hard to achieve 3. The current information or technique are built on acute short term success with long term failure. I want you to succeed in losing weight. As you read along I will share all the knowledge I have accumulated over my many years of research, so that you can create your ideal weight loss program.