What is Sick Fat?

I mentioned sick fat (adiposopathy) on Monday, and promised a more detailed overview. So as we all know, too much of a good thing is not good, either. Fat has a lot of health benefits and the body needs fat. But we let too much fat accumulate and it reverses all the good things fats do for the body. Basically, our bodies to go into an  “inflamed mode”  and the body becomes sick. That is when disaster strikes the body. The sick fat creates an “overwhelming inflammatory reaction” in our body and that causes obesity related sickness. That is what I call “sick fat syndrome”. Inflammation
Tissue Hypoxia
Neuro degeneration (memory loss, depression, lack of energy, degeneration of the nervous system)
Abnormal glucose metabolism (diabetes)
Arthrosclerosis (hard arteries and blocked arteries)
Endocrinopathy  (sick hormones)
Multiple cancers
That is the reason, obesity is not one disease. It is overwhelming condition in our body, and subsequently it follows with all sick organs;Fatty liver
Hypoventilated lung, sleep apnea
Hypoperfuse heart, heart attacks
Inflamed joints and muscle and everywhere (diffuse pain)
Chronic fatigue, lack of energy
Vessel diseases
Sick brain, Stroke
In sick fat syndrome, one can have all the above sick organs in one body if they are morbidly obese or 100 pounds over their desired weight. Generally, ladies above 230 pounds and men 250 and above may be in this category. It is depressing to learn that. Isn’t it? Well here is something I know that will cheer you up. Lose about 10% of your body weight, it is not much 20-30 pounds depending on how much you are carrying initially, and viola! It will transform you. You can lose all sick fat syndrome illnesses. Your pain will be better, energy will come back, breathing is better, you look better and feeling better. It is worth it to lose weight. That is why I said losing weight is fun because losing those pounds will bring good things back into your life. Let’s lose weight and let’s have fun doing it!