Weight loss doesn’t need to be hard.

Losing weight is simple math, calories in subtract calories burned. The difference is either weight gain or weight loss. So we start asking questions like…What should I eat?
How should I eat?
When should I eat?
Well, forget all those questions. You are over thinking. You can eat and drink  everything you want. You can cook in your way. You can eat anything in right portion, in frequent intervals (right time). Weight loss is really no better when you eat only raw foods, eating juices, eating less, eating only fruit and vegetables or not eating at all. These fads actually will  negatively impact you efforts to lose weight. Weight loss doesn’t need to be hard. This is wrong belief to think you must work hard to lose weight. If you are not starving, if you are not in the gym daily, if you are not eating card board like diet food, you will not lose weight… is wrong. You really do not have to climb a mountain to lose weight (although the exercise would be good). Actually, trying to lose weight is really fun. You do all the fun right amount with the right timing. You choose your weight loss program. If you believe this concept you are already on the right track to keeping the weight off for life.