Top Ten Most Common New Year’s Resolutions

As the New Year approaches, everyone’s mind turns to resolutions. We start to think about all the things we should or shouldn’t do and the pasting of another year only reminds us that time is fleeting. However it seems like the more we resolve to do, the less we actually accomplish. Before I start my list, may I suggest that this year, we try something a tad different? Instead of making several major resolutions at once, try making “mini-resolutions”. Start (or stop) one habit, say start running or stop smoking, then give it time to settle into a routine you know you can manage. Once that happens, add or subtract another habit and continue like that until your resolution list is complete. I think you will be surprised how much easier you will complete your resolutions.Expecting to make-over your life in one day sets yourself up for failure and that’s the last thing you want. Take a deep breath, and take the New Year in strides because every goal- even big ones are accomplished one step at a time. Below is a list of the top ten most common resolutions. Did your resolution make the list? If not add tell me in the comments. Top Ten Most Common New Year’s Resolutions1. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. 2. Drink less 3. Learn something new 4. Quit smoking 5. Better work/life balance 6. Volunteer 7. Save money 8. Get organized 9. Read more 10. Finish that to-do list