The SlimPlate System

I am a practicing physician, both in primary care and obesity medicine. I see patients everyday who struggle with their weight. Many a time, they seem to be lost at how to choose right information in the plethora of weight loss information. With the upturn in fad diets, poor or absent information can be hazardous information. I wanted to explore these different fads and explain them through the eyes of a medical professional.


The fact of the matter is, after years of following in clinical and laboratory research, I still couldn’t find a single weight loss method I wanted to recommend to my patients. So I compiled my data what works and what does not, and experience from my patients’ challenges and successes and  I created the SlimPlate System.

The SlimPlate System Portion Control Kit
The SlimPlate System became a systematic food portioning instead of another weight loss plan that count calories or consists of eating pre-packaged diet foods. It has to be as easy as to put food in the plates.

Intuitive relative portions of the macronutrients are based on scientific data to enhance fat burning and weight loss using this four step portion control kit. Which I have done for you. I meticulously group the similar food items and portioned them in the actual cup and plate to get the right macronutrients composition that is desirable for ultimate weight loss. 

Step 1, has the higher protein, vegetables and limited carbs. It was designed to create a higher thermogenic effect, an easier satiety, creating a faster fat burning mode having high protein and high fiber diet.

Subsequent steps are designed to introduce complex carbohydrates (starches) that enhances metabolism and creates a neuroprotective effect (less oxidative stress to the body and less inflammation). Still with the higher protein portion continue with better thermogenic energy expenditure (TEE).

High fat diets cause the addiction of food, neurotoxicity neuro-degradation and hence the obesity. Plus fat is very calorie dense. To achieve the desired level of fat (20-30% of the entire meal), fat was not included as a section in the plate. The desired amount of fat will mainly come from meat/cheese/ cooking oil without the addition of an extra fat section.

So again, while using the SlimPlate System, one meal a day is intuitively modified depending on your correct step

(1) initiating fat burning mode (2) steady fat burn (3) balancing nutrients (4) maintenance for successful long term weight loss. These steps allows the system to be effective without being complicated to use. 

If you are looking to lose weight, do so in a safe, effective way. Dieters fail on average four times before they are able to lose the weight for good. Don’t become part of that statistic. Find a program that works with you and your lifestyle.

Look out for next section on how macronutrients are affecting your body and how you will keep them in check to be a healthy eater while maintaining a slim body. Check back on Thursday for more information on Calorie In, Calorie Out.