The Big Reality Check – Obesity in America

One out of three are obeseTwo out of three are overweight
Obesity = poor nutrition or unbalance nutrition
Obesity is a disease
Obesity = premature death
Portion distortion start to grow in 1960, so did our waistline
Large portions = large waistlines

Here are some ways to avoid the new epidemic:


Avoid diet sugars – Diet sugars put a mask on bad sugar, they are even worse than bad sugars. When you consume diet sugars the cause a loss of energy and metabolism.
Practice portion control – Keep your cravings on a leash, when you practice portion control it will reduce your urges to overload on what your body thinks it needs. Portion control also leads to long term weight loss.
Move it to lose it – Physical activity is not only important for weight loss, but also for your general health. There are a great number of health benefits received when you are active.  Physical activity also will boost your metabolism into fat burning mode.
Get your self in the circle of Fit Pride – Engage in a community where motivation is received and given. This will help you stay on track with your weight loss. Communicate with others that are experiencing the same experiences as you.
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