Systematic Portion Control

Portion control is very commonly used but is understood differently. Going from a larger portion to a smaller portion is portion control, and it does help improve behavioral overeating. But that is not the same as “systematic portion control” that leads to weight loss. 
What is a systematic portion control weight loss system?
Eat in a same portion at every time you eat, teaching your stomach to communicate with your brain. So after few weeks, your stomach system gets used to your portion intake and hence may make the desire changes to lose weight.

Like created in SlimPlate System, the breakfast item portion, the sandwich portion, the dinner plate portion, the soup portion, the fruit portion, are in same fashion. The ingredients will change but the portion of the meal is same.

Many times, SlimPlate users give feed back saying how much they actually under eat in specific meals (like breakfast) and over eat at dinner time. The SlimPlate System corrects this horrible habit and helps them lose weight.

Eating irregular is not good for losing weight. It clogs and jams the metabolism (we will discuss this in a later post).

Control your portion systematically. Achieve your goal of losing weight by eating what you like, not by starving or extreme dieting. You can use the SlimPlate System and keep your favorite foods. Now that is what I call having fun while losing weight.