Our Energy Reserve

Who needs glucose?Everyone! Any tissue in the body can utilizes glucose for energy. It is essential for the brain and the red blood cells (RBC). The brain cells can utilize the ketone bodies only if body is deprived of glucose. So clearly we need to have glucose. Let’s look at our body energy reserve in financial terms. 1. Small Cap Fund Glycogen 200 grams, 800 kcal ( * reflective of 70kg man) We will finish utilizing it in few days if we are in starvation mode. 2. Mid Cap Fund Protein 6000 grams, 24000 kcal Once we run out of glucose and glycogen, our bodies turn to protein for energy. This would allow us to survive for few weeks. 3. Large Cap Fund Fat 15,000 grams, 135,000 kcal On which we can survive for few months. How many calories do we get from 1 gram of each food group? A gram of carb gives 4 Kcal A gram of protein gives 4 Kcal A gram of Alcohol gives 7 Kcal A gram of fat gives 9 Kcal This isn’t all the math obviously and there are other factors too, but I feel like this is a nice overview.