Obesity Can Be Easily Prevented

I say obesity can be prevented and treated with reasonably easily. Let’s talk about how.Weight yourself now and weight yourself daily. What is a good weight for you.
Let’s see if you are carrying excessive weight? BMI
Do some measurements: The waist: just above the pelvis bone at the sides The hip: the largest spot around the hip joint The neck The bust line: the breast, the most mounted area
These measurements will tell you if you are accumulating excessive fat mass. Calculate the fat mass. 4. Let’s check what diseases you have accumulated so far along with the fat mass.Know your BP
Know your Cholesterol
Know your basic lab tests (Complete metabolic panel), (It will tell you if you have any liver, kidney,electrolytes abnormality)
Know your thyroid status (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)
5. Is there any medication that you are taking making you weight gain? Check the medication list. 6. Let’s check what are the excuses? See this list of common excuses. 7. Know about the body fat prior to any attempt to lose weight. (It is the key to lose fat successfully.) 8. Let’s understand diet. Ask following questions.What am I eating? (Am I using good portion control?)
How am I eating?
Am I eating too much of a certain food group?
What are we doing wrong?
9. Let’s adopt the healthy habits.Exercise Regularly
Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress
Handle Cravings
Focus on Your Goals
I sit down with each of my individual weight loss patients for about 60 minutes teaching this in their initial visit and constantly remind them so they understand perfectly. That is the key to effective fat loss and staying lean.