Make Losing Weight Fun

We all frequently look at ourselves in the mirror. We pose using different stances and experiment with different smiles. During this time we identify what we want to improve upon like lose an inch from our waist, bleach our teeth or get a hair cut. Don’t think of this as vanity because it is a very good reminder of what you want in your life. However, sometimes the improvements we would like to see aren’t as simple as getting a hair cut or going to the dentist. There are times were we would like to wish away chronic pains, shortness of breath or just to be able to move around better. In either scenario you know your life would be much better if you weren’t carrying those extra 20 pounds around with you.  Losing weight isn’t about giving up food but gaining the freedom of better health, then the journey becomes encouraging instead of daunting. Once you realize this, losing weight will become fun and positive habit that you can continue for the rest of your life. This concept will make you see clear that status-quo or status-worse is not acceptable to you. Once you want to lose weight, and really decided to start on the weight loss program, half of your journey is reached.