Macronutrients, do they matter?

  There are three major food nutrients Carbohydrate (give ex, in each categories)Starches-Potatoes, Pasta,Rice
Fiber- Whole grain cereal,bread,nuts
Legumes-Peanuts, Peas, Beans
FatAnimal fat
Vegetable oil
Fat in the cheese and dairy product
Beans and lentils
Cheese ( combined with fat)
There are several studies on different diets, I will briefly review here.

Low carb diet
Low fat diet
Low carb, high fat diet
High Protein die
In brief, research has shown following facts.

1. People on the high protein diet stay full longer. High protein diet favors your satiety.

2. High carb diet and high fat diet may create food addiction more often.

3. Low carb diet improve the hypoglycemic control better.

4. High sugar diet create s a “food addiction.”

5. High sugar or high fructose corn syrup content food create  “food craving.”

6. High sugar or high fructose corn syrup content food create “binge eating.”

7. There  is no clinically significant difference  between the use of sugar and HFCS use in food in terms of how they act on body. So they both are equally sharing their bad as food cravings, food binge, and food addiction.”

8. Dietary fiber delays gastric emptying and stays longer in the gut reducing hunger signal.

9. Starch vs legumes, legume are preferable as it has higher protein and fibers than the starch ( ex of legumes are peanuts,Peas,Beans, Lentils.)

Here, how to make sure you are on the right tract as it is somewhat confusing what composition of diet is right for weight loss.

1. How to avoid high sugar content in drinks and food. Portion them. You don’t  need to completely avoid them. Sugar is needed for energy and freshness, but we just don’t need too much at a time. You can use SlimPlate portion cutters for you carbohydrate items and use portion cups for the drinks.

2. Avoid cooking food with butter, fat back, animal fat. Use olive oil, canola oil, vegetable oil. Use sprayer than the bottle. Deep fried meat and seafood without batter or bread crumbles. Just marinate and fry the meat or food in the hot vegetable oil. My family and I eat at least 4 times per week deep-fried food (meat, fish, shrimp,etc).

3. Limit your candy bar to less than 15-18 gram of sugar at a time. Indulge with your candy bar while losing weight but portion them not to exceed their sugar content to be less than 15 -18 gram at a time.

That is what I call losing weight and having fun with it.

You get to eat your candy bar, you get to eat your ice cream (limit portion by using snack bowl/fruit saucer from SlimPlate System), you get to eat deep-fried, keep it on your portion plates. Get your REGULAR soda in a portion cup. Get your favorite coffee with cream and sugar in the SlimPlate portion cup.

I’m serious and promise! I  never get bored with maintaining my healthy weight! I have never felt deprived of what I want to eat. I go around the world eat anything I like! Never care for diet menu or any restricted diet plan.

I have weighed  between 125- 128 pounds over more than ten years!

You will do it and I promise that you lose weight with great joy! Get yourself a Slimplate set for the life time of leaner better weight.