Is Restaurant food healthier than Fast food?

I had a great dinner last night freshly prepared by a famous chef. I was with 8 other physicians at a special dinner, prepared live right in front of us. The event is wonderful. The the meals was phenomenal. The meal was served like this: 1. Shrimp scampi puff (appetizer sized, one small piece each) 2. Salad with balsamic vinegar dressing (small green, goat cheese, dried raspberries, nuts) 3. Roasted beef with lobster stuffing  (total of half of your palm size) 4. Potato side dish (two finger long size) 5. Sautéed asparagus as side (5-6 slender pieces) 6. Banana in the brown sauce with small scoop of ice cream, a thin slice of pound cake – regular portion (not big) 7. A half glass of wine for who choose to drink. Wonderful meal, portioned just right! Not excessive. Usually I would not be thinking this was an unhealthy meal if I did not see the ingredients used. Everything was cooked right in front of us. The art and skill of the chef is amazing. But what was going through my mind was “nine of us share 7 sticks of butter, 4 large blocks of cream cheese and a bowl of clarified butter over two and half hour meal time”? I cannot believe that I ate my share of nearly a stick of butter and half of the large cream cheese block in one meal! While I do appreciate the time, the dinner, and the chef – I will not be repeating the similarly prepared meal again. The thought of  cholesterol plaques lining my arteries keeps bouncing through my head. I discover the followings from this wonderful dinner and I thought I would share it with my readers.*Chefs are excellent in preparing food but they may not have nutritional knowledge.
A chefs’ main focus is how to make the food taste better and not necessarily how to make to healthier.
Expensive upscale restaurants, compared to fast food, does not necessarily mean the food is healthier.
•While we avoid fast food chains when trying to eat healthy, anyone can also end up like me as above.
Cook at your home healthily. Do not use the butter stick or similar for cooking a meal. Or you can choose non butter spread. (I really do not believe that putting that much butter and cream cheese was necessary for this wonderful meal. As I thought of it, I recreated the meal without using the butter and cream cheese. I substitute them by using olive oil and boiled low-fat milk while using much less. It has the comparable taste and much health benefit to it)
•If you are already in restaurant, ask for your gravy, sauce, spreads to be put on the side, so that you do not have to eat them all.
Avoid the restaurants which cook with the butter and cream cheese. If you are not sure, ask the waiter.