How to Lose Weight with a Sweet Tooth

Don’t let a sweet tooth get in the way of being healthy. The fact of the matter is most people trying to lose weight have a sweet tooth, but don’t worry all is not lost. Here is the six point plan of action I suggest to my patients:Out of Sight
Mix and Match
Pause and Ponder
Three Bite Principle
Know When to Stop
Rescue Run
Out of Sight Out of Mind
We all know the saying “out of sight, out of mind”. If you must buy tempting foods, don’t buy more than one variety of the same food. For example, if I am getting candy I only get chocolate not chocolate and gummy candies. Don’t be tempted at the store to try more than one new item (not only is this a good weight loss tip but it also helps out your wallet too). Next, don’t keep extra food around the house. This will only stimulate us to eat more and puts a wrench in our weight loss plans. Mix and Match A sweet should be mixed with different food group. Example: 1. A level scoop of ice cream with nuts and berries. Ice cream (milk, simple sugar), Nuts (good kind of fat), Berries (complex sugar) 2. One macadamia nut cookie with four ounces of milk. 3. A slice of toasted whole grain organic bread with 2 tablespoons of mix fruit jam or peanut butter. The purpose of mixing is to prevent the fast increase of glucose in the circulation. Our body absorbs different food groups (such as protein, fats and carbs) at different rates. The fastest to the slowest in absorption: simple sugar, complex sugar, protein and the slowest is fat.Pause and Ponder
We should never eat hastily whether we are trying to lose weight or just trying to maintain a healthy weight. Any meal consumption should take at least 10 minutes. It is good idea to put the spoon down frequently and give a pause in between. Drink a few sips of water to slow down your eating. Conversation also helps. Simple things like these help losing weight.Three Bite Principal
Always remember first bite is “tasting”, second bite is “confirmation”, third bite is “satisfying”. If you eat a piece chocolate in one go, you will have to eat two pieces at least to make you feel satisfied. If you eat the same piece of chocolate in three different bites, most likely you will not need to eat two pieces. Thus avoiding extra calories is a good weight loss plan. We always want to make sure, the food that we eat should satisfy our body and mind. The longer it stays in our mouth, the faster we feel satisfied.Know When to Stop
Serve the food in the appropriate container. Never eat ice cream out of the tub. You won’t know when to stop and run the risk of finishing the whole tub. So, next time place in the nice cup which will nicely fit a scoop of ice cream with nuts and berries. When you complete the cup, you stop and there is no need to remember and no risk of having too much. Now, fresh baked cookies. Take out one or two at the most out of the batch, place on a small plate, and keep the rest in the storage. Enjoy with a glass of water or 4 oz of milk. Remember the “three bite principal” and “pause and ponder”. Tip: Don’t tempt yourself by keeping them on the counter, seeing them and smelling them could lead you to over indulge. It seems small, but it will make a huge difference in your weight loss plan. Rescue Run OK, there may be a time during our weight loss plan that we fail to follow all these measures. Yes, we ate three chocolates or five cookies or half a tub of ice cream. You are only human, and you can’t be perfect all the time. Just know that your weight loss plan is not a disaster and losing weight is still possible.What if my weight loss plan is interrupted by a binge? 
Don’t not sit on the couch feeling down or regretfully curl up in the bed. You have up to 2 hours to burn the extra calories down! So, pick up the laundry, do the dishes or find something else to do around the house physically. Consider walking around the neighborhood for 30 minutes. Maybe you need to go grocery shopping or go to the mall and walk around there. Any activity works to help salvage your weight loss plan.