How to Get Your Head In The Weight Loss Game

Ever feel like losing weight is a game? Like you are constantly competing for a win, looking for opportunities to score points, and beating yourself up when your opponent (which, in this case is usually food) scores against you and makes you question your ability to emerge victorious? Well, it kind of is. And it is a game that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But just because you are behind in the first quarter, it doesn’t mean that you can’t end up with the most points when the clock counts down to zero, leaving you a true winner in every sense of the word. All you have to do is get your head in the weight loss game, and this first requires that you acknowledge certain weight loss realities. 
Weight Loss Realities One of the most astonishing realizations for people that are able to hit their weight loss goals is that reaching their target weight is one thing, but keeping the lost weight off is something else entirely. In other words, just because you have eaten nutritious foods and minded your portions using SlimPlate’s portion control system, that doesn’t mean that you can now eat whatever and whenever you want. In fact, if you want to sustain the results of your hard efforts, you need to sustain the behaviors that got you there. Therefore, the sooner you realize that this means changing your lifestyle forever, the sooner you can start to get some amazing results. Another weight loss reality that can threaten continued weight loss is the belief that minor indiscretions don’t matter. Certainly, this doesn’t mean that you can never have a piece of birthday cake or a bowl of potato chips again if you want to achieve your goal, but you need to enjoy these foods in their proper portions and not lie to yourself about how often you are consuming them. The truth is that every decision that you make in regards to the foods you put in your mouth has the ability to take you closer to your goal or move you further from it. To try to convince yourself otherwise may be fooling you in the short-term, but you’ll realize the results soon enough in how tight your clothing is or how high the needle on the scale rises. Once you come to terms with these two realities—that losing weight and keeping it off requires lifelong changes and that everything you do matters—then you have the mental foundation necessary to get your head in the game. There are other things you can do as well.
How to Get Your Head In the Weight Loss Game To get and keep your mind fully on board with losing weight and keeping it off, you must understand why this particular goal is so important to you. It will be these “reasons” that will help you keep pushing yourself when all you want to do is give up. These are the things that will motivate you when all you want to do is throw in the towel and walk off the court. So, think about this for a minute. Why specifically do you want to lose weight? Is it to bolster your confidence or loosen your jeans? Is your goal to make your ex jealous or to attract your next mate? Do you want to lose weight in order to gain better health, possibly getting off some medications that you’re on largely because you carry excess pounds? What is it that makes you want this goal more than ever? Now, these are the things you need to cement in your mind to help motivate you when times get tough, which they will. These are the images that you want to keep in the forefront of your mind, envisioning that each one is a cheerleader on the sidelines, screaming your name and pushing you to try your hardest to achieve a victory.
Even though losing weight generally requires eating smaller portions, choosing healthier foods, and moving around more, the reality is that your brain holds a lot of the power when it comes to achieving higher levels of success. Use this knowledge to help convince your mind that this is what you truly want, and do it in a way that is realistic so that you minimize the risk of frustrating yourself to the point where you give up and, in the end, you will be able to claim victory!