How to Determine Correct Size Portions

One of the other reason for increasing obesity prevalence in our country is we are double sizing our portion. We measure up daily calorie requirement as 2,000 calories. It is OK for a six feet tall muscular man to actually consume 2,000 calories but not OK for a 30 year old female with regular activity, build will not need 2,000 calories. I weigh 125 pounds and my Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is 1350. Of course, with the daily extra activity the energy expenditure goes up from our BMR. But not to 2000 Kilo calories. It is always good to check your calorie requirement by measuring the basal metabolic rate (BMR). So you can estimate how much calories you should consume in a day. Let’s talk about portions. Here are the rules of palm!Each day, we should have breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack or two.
 Snacks should give you about 100 calories for each portion.
 Meals should be in 300- 500 calories
On a plate, the meal should have more colors and consist of complex carbohydrates, protein and fat

Red meat (beef and pork) should be half the size of your palm. White meats and seafood should be two thirds of your palm size maximum for each portion.
Vegetables generally are not calorie dense so you can have liberal amount for a person of a normal weight. But if you are trying to lose weight, you can limit to yourself to two to three fistfuls of veggies for each portion.
Starch/grains are not necessarily a bad thing. Don’t avoid them completely.
Drinks Develop the habit of drinking in an 8-ounce glass for each drink. An 8-ounce glass should satisfy your thirst and give you energy. Remember! Nowadays 8-ounce cups are almost obsolete in the restaurant industry. So you want to share that tall/grande cappuccino with you a friend or leave it in the fridge for next time.
Make a habit to visualize and be aware of the size of the food portion. There is an golden rule; it says you should fill your stomach one third by food, one third by water, one third by air to stay healthy. I believe it is true. We should not eat to fill the whole stomach with food. SlimPlate system is a portion control weight loss system, with that you will not need to worry what you might be over-doing or under-doing, and it is easily habit forming as you continue to use it for few months.