How Does Brown Fat Effect Weight Loss?

What is brown fat?
Brown fat is a type of fat which has many mitochondria (smallest energizing machine in the cell) the fat you want in your body. Brown fat actually burn the  excessive unwanted fats aka white fat. Think of brown fat like muscle. It promotes  energy expenditure and burns off unwanted fat. Brown fat promotes thermogenesis, mitochondrial energetics, energy expenditure and protects from diabetes and obesity. So now scientists are looking into how to change white fat to brown fat in the body, and help lose weight from the unwanted fat.

Research shows that exercising more often could change unwanted white fat cells to the more desirable brown fat.

There is an interesting study done on mice. This study tells us that we might be able to actually change the white fat we have into the brown fat we want. What does that mean? It means, we will lose the unwanted fat and can lose weight easier. There are few things that can transform the white fat to brown, and help lose unwanted fat. One of them is Irisin (a  hormone produced by muscle). Irisin is a muscle hormone that increases with exercise and general activity. This study is basically telling us exercise more. The more active you are, the more you will brown your white fat, improve your metabolism and lose weight. Thirty minutes of physical activity (any activity that makes you sweat counts), will make your weight loss journey easier. So choose something fun for you to do that makes you sweat and adopt that practice daily. Me? I like hula hooping and dancing (like nobody is watching me). Then twice a week I give myself a challenge program. Choose your favorite challenge program from the SlimPlate System exercise videos available through our free mobile app or subscribe to our Youtube channel.