HCG Injection: Does it help weight loss?

There is a lot of buzz about HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) use in the medical weight loss programs and I frequently get asked if I use it in my program. I knew that HCG injection use in weight loss was suggested a long time ago. Actually, there are multiple weight loss centers using the HCG injection outside the United States. So, I decided to look into the hype. I researched literature both internationally and domestically. I found the following facts regarding HCG.In almost all of the studies, using HCG injections for weight loss did not show any benefit.
Most of the studies did not show long term (more than few months) effects of weight loss either.
Most studies did not prove that desirable fat mobilization is achieved by HCG injection.
So where is the buzz about HCG coming from? The original HCG protocol for weight loss was done in Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). Those individuals consumed a maximum of 500 calories per day (a normal intake is around 2,000 calories daily). And they are given HCG injection for approximately one and a half months. Participants did lose a significant amount of weight, but not more than the individuals on VLCD 500 calorie diet alone. Simply Put: The low calorie diet was most likely the cause of the participants weight loss, not the HCG injections. So HCG injections are any good in weight loss? The research found that HCG gives you a sense of feeling good. While receiving the HCG and VLCD (500Cals), the subjects on the HCG could tolerate the misery of 500 Cals VLCD better. So it is a feel good hormone! Can HCG contouring fat loss? No. Multiple studies have researched the topic and HCG injections  do not mobilize fat in the desired way. Does HCG help prevent wrinkles after losing weight? No, HCG doesn’t tighten skin. Would I ever consider using HCG in my weight loss clinic? I will not use the HCG for losing weight for the following reasons:In my opinion, HCG does not help you to lose weight. Its only possible benefit is to make you feel good when you are on VLCD.
Also, I do not support the practice of Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD) of 500 calories a day either because studies show that VLCD causes more loss of  lean mass than fat mass.
Plus, if weight loss is only temporary (three months or less); Why bother putting you through with all extreme restriction and daily shots?