Fats in the Body

Calorie in-calorie out = positive calories stored as fat
Fat turns into “Sick Fat” (more on sick fat Wednesday)
Fat tissue in the body has multiple positive functions in our body until it becomes sick fat. Lets see what do fat does in our body:It makes vessles
It builds body tissues
It makes hormones
It saves the energy for a rainy day
It is involved in glucose control, by making excess glucose to be removed from the blood and saved as fat for future use
It produces the hormones that control the blood pressure
It controls the hormone that makes us grow
It is involved in blood clotting when we get a cut
It controls steroids in our body and produces our sex hormones
It controls the immune system which prevents us from getting sick
Fat does so many good things in our body and we cannot survive without it. It is known that we can at least survive without muscle but we cannot live without fat. So our brain is trained to save fat every chance that it can, and brakes down the calories from muscle rather than from fats.