Excuses, Excuses! Don’t let them stand in your way.

Excuses stop us from becoming what we want to be. I wanted to make a list of some of the excuses I hear from my patients so you can recognize if you are using  them too. Don’t fall into the excuse trap!I am too old for this. (She is 78)
I have multiple medical problems.
Walking makes my joints hurt.
I do not have gym access.
I do not have time.
I hate water.
I am allergic to salad.
I am on a lot of medication.
I can not do it right now.
My nerves are shot! I am under tremendous stress.
I have Fibromyalgia, I hurt all the time.
I have Multiple Sclerosis. My back hurts. I cannot do exercise.
I am vegetarian.
I eat what I see.
I like to snack- a lot.
I just quit smoking so gaining weight is normal.
The excuses are uncountable. The only way to get past all of them is if you are determined to do so. Remember losing the weight is not impossible.  So make up your mind and let’s lose those extra pounds!