Enjoy Thanksgiving without Abandoning Your Weight Loss Plan

Thanksgiving is a time for family and food. The portions are large, seconds are encouraged, and the table is full of the “bad for your diet” foods. Thanksgiving means casseroles—sweet potato casseroles, green bean casseroles, squash casseroles. The possibilities are endless. Thanksgiving also brings pies—sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie. There are so many pies! You can fill your plate with macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy, spiral ham, and dinner rolls. So where exactly does your weight loss plan fit into this heaping, mouth-watering, multi-trip meal?Thanksgiving does not have to mean you completely abandon your weight loss plan, and your weight loss plan does not have to mean you completely abandon Thanksgiving. With some preparation, a little knowledge, and will power, you can have your turkey and eat it too.
Weeks and Days Before -Step up your exercise routine. If you’re going to be eating more, you should be exercising more. Increase your exercise during the weeks and days before Thanksgiving. -Plan your meals to use healthier ingredients. For example, use low-fat soups or broths for casseroles.
Day Of -Do NOT skip breakfast. You’re not saving up calories for the big meal. Try to eat within 30 minutes of waking up. If you eat a breakfast beforehand, you won’t be as ravenous once the turkey is carved. -Stay hydrated. Drinking water is important for your metabolism. Remember: drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day! Alcohol is acceptable, but in moderation, as shown in the SlimPlate System App. -Make wise choices. Choose lean cuts of meat. Eat vegetables on their own instead of in casseroles. -Watch your portions. It’s okay to eat a slice of pecan pie, but try to use the two-finger rule (a slice no larger than two fingers side-by-side). The SlimPlate System is based on the principle of portion control. -Before making a second trip to get another spoonful of mashed potatoes, drink a glass of water and see if you are still hungry. If you want to indulge in another round, choose more vegetables and lean meats and limit the gravy and cream-based dishes.
  The most important thing to remember is to not beat yourself up over what you eat on Thanksgiving and don’t let one day put a halt to your weight loss goal. If you have cranberry sauce and gravy or go back for seconds, it’s not the end of your weight loss plan. Thanksgiving only happens once a year. You can resume your weight loss plan on Friday (or Saturday). Enjoy this time with your family and friends. You can go for a walk as a group; everyone can exercise while spending time together.