Eat Carbohydrates the Right Way!

We are always concerned about eating carbs. Carbs (glucose) are needed by every tissue in the body, especially the brain and red blood cells. Simple sugar includes sucrose, fructose, glucose, raw sugar and molasses. It is easily digested and absorbed in the gut and raises your blood sugar quickly. Complex sugar are starches such as potato, flour, vegetables, fibers and so on. They are also digested and absorbed in the gut and raise blood sugar levels but not as quickly as simple sugars. How fast a food raises the glucose in the blood after its ingestion, is measure as the Glycemic Index (GI). Generally, this rate tell us the quality of the carb. The amount of glucose per serving, is calculated as the gylcemic load (GL) which also describes the quantity of the carb. This is confusing! True, but this concept is important for you to have when you read the food labels. But I have a simple plan for you.First observe how do you feel 1-2 hours after eating the particular carb. The high glycemic load (GL) food will make you feel drowsy after eating it. A high GI food gives you a quick feel-good and then a “blah” feeling after approximately 20-30 mins.
Limit the portion of the carbs that make you feel drowsy  (High GL food). Completely avoid the carbs that only give you quick feel-good (High GI food).
If you are eating prepared/pre packed food, check the total carb content of that particular item. Allow yourself to eat less than 17 grams of carb every two hours. Let’s say you want to eat chocolate chip cookie. Each cookie contains 30 grams of carbs. You can eat half of the cookie now, and you can finish the other half in next two hours. The purpose is we do not want to give our body a high load of sugar at one single time. 
So we will have to choose the right carbs to eat. Here are some easy principles!Grains (more roughage/less refined stays longer in the gut and gives more work to our digestive system)
Plenty of Fruits
Plenty of Vegetable (Potato and corn are in grain group – not vegetables)
Avoid sugary drinks: soda, energy drink, beer.
I do not support cutting carbohydrates completely while you are trying to lose weight. We can simply give small frequent portions of carbs. Carbs not only give you the energy, they also prevent you from wasting of lean muscle. The protein has the “carb sparing ability”. When you avoid carbs completely, it can reduce your weight by burning muscle. This is because the energy now has to come from protein. That is the wrong method of losing weight because it guarantees you to gain it all back with rebound. Remember! Cavemen did not know about GI or GL and they did not count carbs and they didn’t have obesity issues. The reason we are increasingly obese is two sided. Food makers prepare the food more refined and more sweeter and customers gorge on them endlessly. I see people frequently drinking two liter bottles of soda,  a  six pack of beer, a gallon of sweet tea, eight slices of bread, six pancakes a single day. We almost lost the meaning of eating. We are almost junking the food into our body.We need to strike a balance. We do not need to be scared of eating. “We were born to eat”. But be careful and do not focus on gulping one food item in large amount either.