Dangers of Juicing

Want to lose massive amounts of weight as quickly as you can? Are you ready to go to bed overweight and unhappy and wake up thin and full of life? That’s what juicing promises, right? Well, it is, but the consequences of drinking your meals instead of eating them aren’t quite as beneficial as you would think. Let’s Talk About Psychology What happens when you start to restrict your food intake when you diet? You feel hungrier than ever, right? You start to think about food all of the time (even dreaming about it) until you eventually give in and devour everything edible within arm’s reach. This causes you to feel guilt and shame regarding your lack of willpower which leads to even more eating. It’s a vicious cycle that can feel almost impossible to escape! The physical act of eating is necessary for your brain to feel satisfied at mealtime. That is why it is so easy to overeat when munching in front of the television. Your brain doesn’t register the act so it keeps the craving to eat in place, never reaching a feeling of contentment. And Then There is Biology Not only do you desire “real food” psychologically, but your body needs it physically as well. Giving it nothing other than liquids can have some major negative internal consequences, such as these:Lower metabolism. When you juice, you take in a very low number of calories daily (this is truer for those that juice primarily with vegetables). So, in an effort to protect itself from starvation, your body lowers its metabolism and holds onto the fat in your body with fierce intensity. Therefore, when you return to eating whole foods, which you eventually have to do at some point, you gain weight both quickly and easily.
Faulty satiation trigger. You also don’t trigger a full feeling when consuming only liquids because you’re not getting the fiber that is in the fleshy part of the fruits and vegetables. Fiber not only helps you feel full but it is also good for you as it helps keep your bowel movements regular, your cholesterol lower and your blood sugars level.
 Excessive sugar intake. If you juice primarily with fruit, you’re likely putting your body at a disadvantage by taking in a large amount of sugar. It is natural sugar which is better than the manufactured kind, but it is sugar nonetheless. This causes blood sugar highs and lows which lead to those hard to fight cravings that can easily tempt you to eat foods that aren’t good for you.
Increased cortisol production. Although juicing does provide a tremendous numbers of vitamins and minerals via the fruits and veggies in it, remember that these are both carbohydrates. That means that your body is going to continuously produce extra insulin to deal with the high amount of carbs which leads your body to also create increased amounts of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that helps your body retain fat, not release it.
Low levels of protein. When you juice, you don’t get enough protein in your diet. This puts you at risk of losing muscle mass which lowers the amount of calories you burn daily (it takes more calories to fuel your muscles than it does your fat) and leaves you with less strength to handle your normal, everyday duties. You fatigue more quickly and may struggle with tasks that used to be fairly easy to perform.
The Benefits of Eating Whole Foods When you feed your body whole food, on the other hand, not only are you avoiding these negative consequences but you are gaining positive health consequences as well. For instance, it takes more energy for your body to process whole foods than it does juices so you’re not only avoiding a metabolism decrease, but you’ll enjoy a metabolism increase instead! In addition, your digestive system works more efficiently, your energy levels stay up and you feel good while losing weight – not tired and worn out. You also learn how to eat in a way that you can sustain for a lifetime, making your weight loss permanent. Taking It One Step Further The SlimPlate System teaches you not only the best foods to eat to achieve a healthy weight and a healthy body, but it also helps you easily decipher the correct portion sizes too. It is a system that can be sustained for a lifetime, which means that the results will be sustained as well. Good-bye weight loss yo-yoing! It’s time to quit looking for a quick fix and start looking for a solution