Can I Lose Weight While Breast Feeding?

Dear Doctor, I’m a breast feeding mom. At the same time, I would like to reduce my weight. What can I do? Thanks,  Sandra  As a nursing mother, you can still try to lose weight without affecting the quality and quantity of breast milk you supply to your infant. A nursing mother should drink approximately 8 to 10 eight ounce glasses of water. Basically, a mother can produce up to 750 ml (3 glasses) of milk for her infant. But simply put, avoid getting thirsty by drinking plenty of water and that should be enough.   Daily calorie intake should not be less than 1,500 calorie even when you are trying to lose weight, to maintain the breast milk quality and quantity. You should eat about 300 to 500 calories extra than your pre-baby time. But limit your fish intake especially fish  containing high mercury. The fish with high mercury content are sword fish, tile-fish, king mackerel, shark and white tuna. You can have catfish, shrimp and salmon in moderation. The safest is two servings of fish in a week. During nursing, some mothers need multivitamins like iron, B-12, folic acid and calcium with vitamin D. Talk to your doctor and find out if you need to supplement. In Brief:You can try to lose weight by diet and exercise safely while you are nursing.
You do not specially need a lot of extra calories and drinks when you are nursing.
Well balanced meals in regular intervals will help to lose weight and maintain the breast milk quality.
When in doubt, add multiple vitamin once daily.
Avoid tobacco, alcohol, drugs.
Up to 2 cups of caffeinated beverages are OK.