Burn More Calories: Increase Your Strength | Part 3 of 3

The last part of the Burn More Calories series is finally here! Remember, workouts never get easier, you only get stronger. Try these small movements to increase your strength and flexibility. If you can’t do them yet, don’t give up. Keep trying and one day you will get there.Touch your chin to chest
Touch your finger tips to toes bending from the waist
Clap your hands to the front in the arm stretch
Clap your hands behind your back
Clap your hands above your head
Increase your endurance by increasing the distance you walk. Even if you can only walk a small block, do that everyday. Before you know, it become a breeze. If you need a guide from fitness trainer, download Slimplate App (both for android and iPhone) and you can get various level of exercise videos.  The App is free for you to download, and you can do these exercises at your home at your convenient with no expensive equipment. So no excuse now! Success means better health! Reward yourself with this positive achievement.Next post: What is Brown Fat? Don’t miss it.