Burn More Calories: Boost Your Thermogenic Effect | Part 2 of 3

As I said on Tuesday, there are three ways to burn more calories 1. Increase Physical Activity 2. Increase Your Thermogentic Effect and 3. Increase You Strength. Last post we touched on easy ways to increase your physical activity, so now let’s go over easy ways to increase your thermogentic effect. The themogenic effect is the amount of body heat you produce. Increasing the amount of heat you produce burns calories. Simply put the more heat you put off the more calories your body burns to produce it, boosting your metabolism.5 Tips to Increase Your Themogenic Effect
Drinking a hot cup of black coffee
Eating spicy food
Eating something chewy make more work for body. But stick with low-calorie foods like celery or gum. Sure some candies are chewy but also have high calories so you will still consume more calories than the amount your body burns. Did You Know? Celery has no calories. So chewing and digesting celery is actually negative calories.
Eat real food, real piece of meat, real vegetable rather than process pre-packaged foods.  It can promote the thermic effect to 50 % by eating real food. Like chewing a vegetable or piece of meat will burn your fat more than drinking a protein shake. Why not eat real food, real fun and real weight loss.
Eating hot food
Don’t miss the next post on Tuesday which will be the last part of this series, Increase Your Strength!