Balance of Life

Did you ever go to work without brushing your hair? Have you ever gone to work without wearing clothes? You get the picture; you would not skip out on pants just because you are too busy to wash them, and you wouldn’t go to work without your brushing hair simply because you were in a rush. You shouldn’t do that with your health either. Make your diet a lifestyle, a habit, and a must.

A habit, a must, and a lifestyle change doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t have to feel the burden that you will stop the next day. Change your dinnerware to the SlimPlate System.

You can continue to drink your coffee in the hot cup from the SlimPlate System. When you pack a lunch, prepare it on the SlimPlate. Put it in a container and you are on your way. When you make a sandwich, one second press with the SlimPlate sandwich cutter and leave out the rest. Cut up fruits, use the SlimPlate fruit saucer, and enjoy your snacks. Place your meats, vegetables, and starch on the SlimPlate, and enjoy food with your family.

I prepare food in a pan, bring out two maintenance SlimPlates, and dinner is served. My husband and I both use the maintenance SlimPlates to remind is not to over fill our plates. Just keep using it for two months, and your eating habits will change. You now have a new, healthier lifestyle which you will keep it for a long time like a habit.