5 Fairly Small Diet Switches that Can Increase Your Weight Loss Success

There is no denying that diet is important when it comes to weight loss. And this is an area that people tend to really struggle. That is why we’ve created the SlimPlate System to help individuals learn how to overcome the dietary hurdles that are limiting their weight loss success.
Even though we encourage our members to follow the program in its entirety, the reality is that even relatively small changes can impact your body’s ability to shed the fat that has settled on your core and limbs. In fact, here are five fairly small ones that can help you increase your weight loss success in a big way:
#1: Eat more often
When most people diet, they focus on restriction. They declare certain foods off limits and set out to reduce their intake, sometimes to dangerously low levels.
But the reality is that you need a certain amount of food regularly just to survive. All of your bodily functions, from breathing to your heart beating, rely on energy that comes from the foods you eat, which means that too much restriction can negatively affect your health.
Not to mention, when you limit your intake too strictly, your body goes into starvation mode, holding on to every calorie you eat. This is completely opposite of what you want, making weight loss that much harder.
Instead of eating less then, you’re better off eating more often (like 5-6 small meals a day). This will give your body the fuel it needs, raising your metabolism at the same time. Just be sure to use your portion control plates so that you don’t overdo it.
#2: Choose “real” foods over “diet” foods
Although it may seem as if diet foods are the way to go, these options are generally more processed, which means that they aren’t as healthy for you. Not to mention, the added salt and artificial sugar they use to make them taste better usually increases your appetite, giving you more cravings, making it harder to reach your goals.
That is why you should strive to eat real foods over diet foods. Overall, they tend to offer your body more healthy nutrients, while making you feel fuller at the same time. This makes it easier to meet, or even exceed, your weight loss goals.
#3: Eat at home a majority of the time
Eating out can be hard on your waistline. While fast food establishments are typically one of the biggest obstacles, even sit-down restaurants can work against you as their food preparation methods usually aren’t the healthiest and you may be easily swayed to eat something that you probably shouldn’t.
You can bypass the temptation and possible consumption of unnecessary calories by eating at home a majority of the time. This allows you to keep control of what goes on your plate, and what doesn’t.
And if you work outside of the home, pack your lunch and take it with you. Just use your portion control plate to make sure you are eating the right amounts of the various foods that will advance your health and speed your weight loss progress.
#4: Consume a variety of foods
It can be easy to eat the same foods over and over again, but doing so can really hamper your weight loss. The reason is twofold. First, your taste buds get bored, making you crave other foods that may not be very good for you. Second, you may be missing entire categories of nutrients if the foods you typically eat don’t contain them, potentially lowering your metabolism and affecting your ability to shed your extra pounds.
For this reason, it benefits you to eat a variety of foods so that you can keep your fat burning potential up and your cravings down. Aim to eat various colors of fruits and veggies, and mix up foods in other categories as well.
#5: Allow yourself some indulgences
Even though some foods may not be the best for you, to not allow yourself any indulgences can do more harm than good. After all, you can only hold off your desire for them for so long before deciding to give in, making it almost impossible to eat what would be considered an okay amount.
Give yourself some guilty pleasures every once and a while and it will be good for you mentally. Again, use portion control to keep the amounts from hurting your weight loss efforts while still giving your taste buds a treat at the same time.
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