4 Ways to Make Healthy Changes Stick

Have you ever noticed that when you first start making changes in an effort to lose weight (like practicing portion control and eating healthier foods), it is pretty easy to do what you need to do? You’re excited about the process, so you don’t mind so much when it means that you can no longer eat a whole pizza or that you need to choose broiled fish over fried. You welcome the new you that is just around the corner and you cross each hurdle almost effortlessly in your quest to be the person you want to be.

But all too soon that excitement fades and you find it harder and harder to do the things that you know you absolutely must do to get the results you wholeheartedly want. The healthy, positive changes you made without thought in the beginning start to go by the wayside as you slowly begin to revert back to your old habits – and your old pant size.

So, what can you do to make the healthier, more beneficial habits stick long-term? Well, here are four extremely effective ways to help you turn your new changes into old habits you’ll have for a lifetime:

Take It Slow

One of the worst things you can do when it comes to losing weight or getting into shape is to try to overhaul every area of your life in just one day. In fact, take this route and you’ll likely shock your system which increases the chances that you’ll give up long before you’ve had the opportunity to taste the sweet success of victory that you are sure awaits you.

Instead, take it slow and aim to change one thing at a time and you’ll have a better chance of developing healthy lifelong habits that aren’t threatened by boredom or fatigue. For example, maybe you would decide to implement SlimPlate’s portion control diet plates first so that you get your food intake under control. Then, once you feel that you are comfortable with that change, you can move on to the next one which may be something like drinking more water or getting in more exercise.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Second, if your healthy changes don’t mesh with your lifestyle, it’s only natural that they wouldn’t stick. It’s like trying to put a square peg in a round hole – it isn’t going to work no matter how much you try to force it.

So, you want to implement changes that work with your life. If you don’t like to cook, for instance, you need to come up with healthy meals that can be prepared quickly and with little kitchen time. And if you spend a majority of your day at work, you’ll want to plan healthy meals and snacks that you can take with you so that you don’t have to try to find the time to run home and cook them.

Think in Positives

Instead of focusing on what you need to remove or subtract from your diet or life in order to be healthy (such as pizza, 6 packs of beer, and chocolate), think in terms of positives or what you need to add. For instance, do you need more veggies than you are currently getting? How about more protein or complex carbs? Would that make you healthier?

When you approach your changes from a position of gain versus one of lack, it makes it easier to accept the changes that you have to make to reach your goals. Set your sights on these types of positive goals and prepare to finally achieve the body that you’ve wanted for far too long.

Set Up a Reward System

Part of staying motivated involves rewarding yourself for a job well done and engaging in celebrations along the course of your journey. This keeps you moving forward and makes the process a fun one to follow, therefore easier to stick to long term.

So, if you eat proper portion sizes all day, for example, you may decide to reward yourself with a nice, long bath complete with candlelight and soft music. Or, if you go to the gym when you wanted nothing more than to chill on the couch, then celebrate by purchasing a new workout outfit or some new exercise equipment (both of which will also keep you motivated to continue with your healthy changes).

Make slow, positive changes that fit within your lifestyle and celebrate each one and you’ll be making changes that stick. What changes have you made that stuck? What do you find works best for you?