10 Ways to Stay Motivated to Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals

Imagine that motivation is like a pool of water atop a base of sand. Over time, water is slowly lost as it seeps into the sandy bed and dissipates into the air above. Therefore, to keep it at a constant level, you have to work every day to replace the water that was lost the day before. You have to replenish it or soon it will dry up completely. This is essentially how motivation works. You have to tend to it continuously in order to stay committed to your goals. Show it no attention and it will leave, probably more quickly than it came. To keep your own personal motivation levels filled to the brim, here are ten ideas you can incorporate into your health and fitness plan: Use old photos If you used to be in better shape than you are now, old photos have a great ability to motivate you. You are reminded that you have what it takes to achieve your goals because you’ve reached them in the past. So, pull out some pictures of you at your prime and keep them in your wallet or on your fridge to get you through the rough times and remind you of the you that lies ahead. Cut out images that inspire you Sometimes inspiration comes from images or pictures of things that represent what your health and fitness goals mean to you. For instance, if you want to lose weight to be able to wear a bikini at the beach with confidence, you may cut out a picture of a woman that is sunbathing in her two-piece to help you visualize yourself being able to do that someday. Or, if getting healthy means more money in your pocket because you’ll get off your prescription medications, cut out pictures of the things you will buy with that extra cash to motivate you to keep moving forward. The power of quotes Quotes have an amazing ability to reach into your soul and give your goal depth. They are able to take your desires and place them in every cell in your body. Find some quotes that resonate with you and your health and wellness journey and use them to motivate you when you feel like your energy is lagging. (One great online site to look for motivational quotes is BrainyQuote.com) Read motivational content Keep yourself inspired to lose weight by reading books and articles by others who have walked your same journey. Find the people that you can relate to and learn how they stayed motivated to reach their goals. There are lots of great options that you can either download to your e-book reader, buy in paperback form or get sent to your email account when you sign up to receive their daily motivators online. Create a visual cue for your progress When you are able to visually see how far you’ve come, it can motivate you to not stop until you reach your goal. One way to do this is by using paperclips. If you have 20 pounds to lose, for example, string 20 paper clips together. As you lose each pound, move a clip to another strand. That way you will actually see your progress and be more inclined to keep it going. Ask others to help you in your journey Although a lot of people embark on their weight loss journey alone, you’ll have an easier time staying motivated if you have some company along the way. Having a friend walk next to you can make the process easier and more enjoyable or, at a minimum, ask them to support you as you start to walk a new and healthier path in life. Stay in the present If you want to stay motivated, it is time to quit beating yourself up over what you did yesterday or worrying about what you will do tomorrow. Instead, choose to stay in the moment as that is the only point in time you can control anyway. Let go of comparisons Comparing yourself to others only makes you feel inferior and lacking. Therefore, stop putting others on pedestals and yourself in a hole. You can appreciate other people’s fitness levels without tearing down your own in the process. Keep setting new goals Once you meet a goal, make sure you set another one so that you don’t lose your motivation. For instance, if you have succeeded at monitoring your portion sizes by using SlimPlate plates and bowls, next work on getting more exercise in your life so that you tighten up your newly fit and trim body. Reward yourself along the way Finally, make sure you reward yourself for all of the positive changes that you’re making. Treat yourself to a spa service or buy some new workout clothes. Giving yourself little benefits along the way will keep you motivated to do your best. It’s time to reach your health and fitness goals and these are 10 ways you can stay motivated in the process. Use them to fill your motivation pool so that you can swim in it all day long and it never runs empty! Sign up for our FREE Weight Loss Seminar and that will help to keep you motivated too!