Why SlimPlate System?
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Why SlimPlate System?

The New Doctor Designed Complete Weight Loss Program in a Box
Average Weight Loss 14 to 22 lbs in Just 3 Months!

 "Not just portion control plates. It is a complete step by step system you can follow."

 portion control Weight Loss 




Real People - Real Results

My name is Kim. I was 197 lbs when I started the SlimPlate System program. I had let my weight get out of control and I was so upset with myself.

I had tried everything. Eating foods I didn't like, that didn't work. I tried NOT EATING and that didn't work. Then one day I was driving and saw a billboard advertising for the system. I guess that was just my sign.

I lost 45 pounds in 7 months & I have kept it off for the last two years.

The SlimPlate System was so much easier than other diets.

It was convenient. I didn't have to change what I ate or how I ate, only my portions. Eating like this just stays with you even when you go out to eat. It just becomes second nature.

People ask me constantly how I did it. I always tell them about how I lost weight with the SlimPlate System.

I Have Lost 45 LBS In Just 7 Months And I Kept The Weight Off.




Dr. Nwe

Hello, I'm Dr.Nwe

First let me welcome you to the SlimPlate website. You have taken your first step to taking control of your weight. The SlimPlate System has been invented and designed in the USA by myself and my partner Dr.Sandeep Grewal.

As two qualified medical practitioners we have invested our expertise to bring it to you an easy, private, home based method of weight loss that can be used without the need of special foods, group meetings, special drinks or shakes or expensive diet foods.

The SlimPlate System is based on my expert knowledge as a diplomate of the American Board Of Obesity Medicine and my practical experience of helping hundreds of people. People just like you. Those who have tried many different diets and fads. Those who made mistakes in trying to lose weight. People who succeeded in both losing weight and just as importantly - keeping the weight off.


Invented by Dr Myo Nwe


Do You Make These Mistakes?

  • Do You Skip Breakfast?
  • Do You Drink Diet Drinks In The Hope Of Losing Weight?
  • Do You Make The Mistake Of Not Drinking Enough Water?
  • Do You Eat More The 18 Grams Of Sugar A Serving?
  • Do You Make The Mistake Of Not Eating Frequently Enough?


If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, you are making mistakes that can have a major impact on losing weight. The truth is that most people answer YES to all five questions. This of course proves that most people need help with their weight problems. They also need an easy system that they can use as part of both their and their family's everyday life to lose their excess weight.

SlimPlate is designed to fit perfectly into your life. It works with regular food. There is no need to cook separately for you just because you want to lose weight. You don't have to avoid eating with the rest of your family. You don't need to buy expensive diet foods, tasteless shakes or drinks. You will never have to count calories. With the SlimPlate System, what you can eat and the amount you can eat at each meal is easy to control.


On this page you will see real results from real people. People just like you who needed to lose weight and who have succeeded using the SlimPlate System. Both I and my partner Dr. Grewal are so sure of the power of the SlimPlate System that we offer it to you with a full one hundred percent no risk guarantee. Plus you can start losing weight using the complete SlimPlate system for a small initial investment of just $29. Please read on for full details...


We are so sure of the power of the SlimPlate System and the value of system that we offer the complete package on a Lose Weight or Pay Nothing guaranteed option. Plus we also offer you the opportunity to pay for the system over a four month period. The same period that the complete system operates over. Many weight loss systems are high priced.

Let us be very clear about SlimPlate this is NOT A HIGH PRICE SYSTEM.


SlimPlate has been priced to be readily affordable at just $99 (use coupon code SANTA). This is the total cost. There are no special foods to buy. No public meeting costs to pay. No drinks or shakes to buy. Everything you need is included in the package. No more continuous cost for losing weight.

But this is only part of our introductory offer. We are so sure of the power of SlimPlate to help you lose your excess weight and just as importantly in keeping your weight off in the future that we offer the entire package on an easy payment, lose weight or pay nothing basis.

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Hello I'm Dr.Sandeep Grewal

I'd like to take a few moments to introduce you to the SlimPlate System and show you how it will work for you, just as it has worked for thousands of satisfied clients. The SlimPlate system has been developed using our extensive medical and practical knowledge. Every step of the four step system is firmly based on both proven weight loss science and real peoples' experiences and success.

There is no reason to go it alone. No reason to keep trying fad diets that don't give you the weight loss you desire. No need to buy expensive diet foods costing hundreds of dollars a month. You can lose weight in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The SlimPlate System consists of everything you need, thirteen pieces including high quality bone china and stainless steel. The SlimPlate system is of the highest quality and is a forerunner in the weight loss market.

Dr.Sandeep Grewal



Stage 1: The Inspired Portion Plate
This plate is designed to boost your body’s fat burning metabolism. You will use this plate in the first month of the weight loss plan. It limits your starch intake to enhance body fat loss. However, starches are not completely cut out of your diet; limited starches are included in your meals at breakfast and lunch
Stage 2: The Savvy Portion Plate

This plate is designed to keep your weight loss continuous. You will use this plate in the second month of the weight loss plan.

It reintroduces more starch to achieve the ultimate goal of a well-balanced diet while keeping momentum in your weight loss plan. You will continue losing weight while using this plate.

Stage 3: The Master Portion Plate

This plate will help you get closer to the ultimate goal of a balanced diet while you continue to lose weight. You can continue to use this plate as long as you need to in order to achieve your weight loss goal starting the third month onwards.

The Maintenance Plate

This plate helps maintain your new weight and keeps the lost weight from being regained.

When you have achieved your goal weight and want to keep it off, use this plate. That is why it is called the maintenance plate.

The Breakfast Portion Plate

This beautifully designed plate ensures that you have the right amount of breakfast favorites such as pancakes waffles and more. So nothing is off limits.

The Cold Cup

The cold cup makes sure that every time you drink soda or other sugary drinks, you only drink the right amount for your body to still lose weight. Limit one per day. But hey, this is the weight loss plan where you can actually drink a regular soda.

The Hot Cup

The mug ensures you don't have to give up your favourites, like coffee and hot chocolate, just enjoy in the right amount.

2 Bowls

There are two bowls; one for soup and cereal, the second one is for fruit or snacks. Fruit is a great snack! You can eat all fruit that fits in the bowl. It can be used for other snacks as well. We recommend two snacks a day in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4 Weight Loss Cutters (TM)


For the foods that don't fit inside the lines, we have a solution. Our specially designed Weight Loss Cutters (TM) are used with sandwiches, pancakes, muffins and more. For your breakfast favorite item or sandwich.








Prove for yourself that the SlimPlate System really works. To make it as easy as possible for our clients to prove that everything we claim is true, we will ship you the entire SlimPlate system with a full no questions asked 100% refund guarantee for a small initial investment of just $29.

Unlike many other weight loss products on the market SlimPlate is designed to help you lose your excess weight without the need to buy expensive diet foods or to attend public meeting. The complete cost of the system is just $99 (use coupon code SANTA).

Please remember that the system included a total of 13 weight loss items. This equates to just $7.50 an item. But please don't for a moment think that this low cost in any way effects the quality of the weight loss products, it doesn't . Every item is of the highest quality and everything in the package come with a full no questions ask guarantee.

Perhaps you are asking the question, "How can we be so sure of the SlimPlate System?" The answer is simple, we know from past experience that this system, a system invented, designed and produced using the combined experience and knowledge of two weight loss experts really works. We are so sure of it's ability to help you shed your excess weight that we offer the complete system with a four easy payment option. Place your order today and invest just $29 and we will ship you the complete system.

Use the SlimPlate system as your own and we will charge your card or pay pal account just $29 each month for the next 4 months. This is the equivalent of less than 96 cents a day. Prove for yourself that the system works and that you are losing weight using it. If at any time you are not convinced 100%, simply return the used system for a complete, no questions asked, courteous refund. We can't be fairer than that can we? Take action now!






Free Weight Loss

40 LBS And 8 inches from my waist line eating regular foods


Real People - Real Results

left-testimonial-imgAs a therapist I try to help other people build their self-esteem and here I was not feeling good about myself. I was struggling with dieting… at one point my waist was almost up to a size 46, the SlimPlate System helped me get that extra weight off.right-testimonial-img

Toriano G.,
Lost 40 lbs and 8 inches from his waist line using


Lose Weight In The Privacy Of Your Own Home




Don't let your doubts get in the way of your losing weight.

The offer we make is completely genuine. You can try the complete system at our risk. You have nothing to lose but your weight problem. If you wish to speak to a weight loss expert before you order

Simply call us on 803-325 -1111 between 9 am to 5 pm EST.

You can talk to a professional weight loss expert who will advise you on the best system for you personally. There will be no sales pitch or pressure. Just honest professional advice.

If for any reason you don't wish to take this opportunity at the moment, jot the number down and call us at your convenience . We will be pleased to hear from you.

If you still have any concerns that the SlimPlate System may not be the perfect weight loss system for you. Please take our


SlimPlate System will not sell or rent your email. We hate spam too.

Designed By Our Doctors With You In Mind.

nwe grewalphoto

This FREE Personal And Private Assessment will show you exactly what you are doing right and wrong in your search for weight loss.

Plus we will also send you Free Of Charge our amazing weight loss newsletter, which is full of tips and information to help you now and in the future.



Real People - Real Results

left-testimonial-imgI battled with my weight for the last 15 years. I tried all kinds of programs- but none of them worked.
Then I found the SlimPlate System. It was easy to follow and a great visual reminder of what the proper portion size should be. It is a user friendly program that people can actually be successful withright-testimonial-img

Donna M., Lost 10.5 lbs in 1 month



Please remember you can try the complete SlimPlate System without risk.

Order now invest just $29 and within a few days you will have the complete system in your home. Try the system and prove to yourself that this is everything we say and more.

Experience the weight loss, without counting calories, without eating diet food or without drinking diet shakes or giving up regular food. See how it is possible to lose weight whilst eating regular food with the family.

Don't Miss Out On This Totally Risk Free Offer Place Your Order Today





Free Weight Loss

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