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Why SlimPlate System?

Our famous under ten minute video about the weight loss program: SlimPlate Sytsem

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Many of us know how to lose weight. We know what the good weight loss habits are and what the right portions are, but applying the healthy habits and being consistent is a challenge for everyone. Not only is the SlimPlate System specifically designed to help you adopt all the healthy eating habits effortlessly, but the physician-designed, four-step weight loss plan will advance you to powerful professional-grade portion control that truly helps you lose weight. You owe it to your health to have a SlimPlate System on your side.


Of course many diets work for losing weight, but the question is will you be able to stick with it? Will the weight stay off for good? That is why the SlimPlate System is designed to build a diet around your own food. It’s much easier to stick to a weight loss plan if you can use your own recipes. This is ultimately the only way to keep the weight off for life and avoid rebound weight gain. With the SlimPlate System, you never have to diet again.


There are four big reasons why people cannot stick to a diet, and they gain the weight


1. They are dieting based on foods they don’t usually eat.

2. They get bored of the diet foods.

3. They don’t like the taste of the diet foods they are eating.

4. They can’t afford to buy packaged food every week—it is just too expensive.


Here is the SlimPlate System difference:

1. SlimPlate System is a weight loss plan that will let you design a diet around your own food.

2. You never get bored eating your own food, so the SlimPlate System diet will never be boring for you—you will love the taste of the food.

3. There is nothing more to buy once you have your SlimPlate System. You can save the money you wasted on tasteless diet foods.

4. Why not lose weight in style? The SlimPlate System is an elegant, one-of-a-kind, 13-piece, premium fine china set that brings extravagance to your weight loss plan.

Don’t wait. Start building your own diet plan with the SlimPlate System. Say YES! to losing weight. Click below. 


Stage 1: The Inspired Portion Plate
This plate is designed to boost your body's fat burning metabolism. You will use this plate in the first month of the weight loss plan. It limits your starch intake to enhance body fat loss. However, starches are not completely cut out of your diet; limited starches are included in your meals at breakfast and lunch
Stage 2: The Savvy Portion Plate

This plate is designed to keep your weight loss continuous. You will use this plate in the second month of the weight loss plan.

It reintroduces more starch to achieve the ultimate goal of a well-balanced diet while keeping momentum in your weight loss plan. You will continue losing weight while using this plate.

Stage 3: The Master Portion Plate

This plate will help you get closer to the ultimate goal of a balanced diet while you continue to lose weight. You can continue to use this plate as long as you need to in order to achieve your weight loss goal starting the third month onwards.

The Maintenance Plate

This plate helps maintain your new weight and keeps the lost weight from being regained.

When you have achieved your goal weight and want to keep it off, use this plate. That is why it is called the maintenance plate.

The Breakfast Portion Plate

This beautifully designed plate ensures that you have the right amount of breakfast favorites such as pancakes waffles and more. So nothing is off limits.

The Cold Cup

The cold cup makes sure that every time you drink soda or other sugary drinks, you only drink the right amount for your body to still lose weight. Limit one per day. But hey, this is the weight loss plan where you can actually drink a regular soda.

The Hot Cup

The mug ensures you don't have to give up your favourites, like coffee and hot chocolate, just enjoy in the right amount.

2 Bowls

There are two bowls; one for soup and cereal, the second one is for fruit or snacks. Fruit is a great snack! You can eat all fruit that fits in the bowl. It can be used for other snacks as well. We recommend two snacks a day in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4 Weight Loss Cutters (TM)


For the foods that don't fit inside the lines, we have a solution. Our specially designed Weight Loss Cutters (TM) are used with sandwiches, pancakes, muffins and more. For your breakfast favorite item or sandwich.