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Easy and intuitive. The SlimPlate System is a complete weight loss program that is designed to help you lose weight successfully using your own food.

For the price of less than 15 days of pre-packaged diet foods, the SlimPlate System gives you the power to create your own diet using the food that you like. The SlimPlate System weight loss program brings to you a four-step, progressive portion control of your entire food choices, so you don't have to think about counting calories or what to eat. It is a weight loss plan that you can easily follow so that you can look your best and slim down fast in just four months.

Once you receive your SlimPlate System set, you can begin your weight loss program from the comfort of your home. Simply choose the right plates for each month—Inspired, Savvy, Master, and Maintenance plates for the first, second, third, and the fourth months respectively. Use the Smart Cutters included to portion virtually everything that you thought could not be portioned to... more

Just scroll to the left or right to see how the four steps of SlimPlate System work to create an easy weight loss plan for you.

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Many of us know how to lose weight. We know what the good weight loss habits are and what the right portions are, but applying the healthy habits and being consistent is a challenge for everyone. SlimPlate System is the solution. It is specifically designed to help you adopt healthy eating habits effortlessly so you can shed those pounds for good. The physician-designed, four-step weight loss plan will advance you to powerful professional-grade portion control weight loss plan that truly helps you lose weight. You owe it to your health to have a SlimPlate System on your side.

Of course many diets work for losing weight, but the question is will you be able to stick with it? Will the weight stay off for good? That is why the SlimPlate System is designed to build a diet around your own food. It is much easier to stick with a weight loss plan if you can use your own food. This is ultimately the only way to keep the weight off for life and avoid rebound weight gain. With the SlimPlate System, you never have to diet again.

There are four big reasons why people cannot stick with a diet and gain the weight back... more

Dr. Myo Nwe

Dr. Myo Nwe

Dr. Nwe is a diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine and is passionate about her... More

Dr. Sandeep Grewal

Dr. Sandeep Grewal

Dr. Grewal is a board certified internist and successfully founded Ace Medical Group in 2006. This successful group has grown from zero to over 6000 patients in just six years More